The Lazarus Effect(2015)

First off. Fuck this movie. Scared the holy hell out of me. (I really, don’t know how to figure out what will scare me or not. But this mother fucker did)

The Lazarus Effect

Scientists can now bring back a puppy from the dead. Why not jump straight to human testing? (Well, it was an emergency) Spoilers below.


A young scientist couple, who are waiting to be married, are working on reanimating dead tissue. And just dead subjects. They succeed with a dog before their funding is cut off. But they just cracked the code, so they keep trying. During one of their experiments something goes wrong, and the woman dies. Her fiancé panics and tries their new found sciences to bring her back. She seems normal at first, but then she begins showing signs she is different. As in, what came back, wasn’t entirely her. It knew too much, and it was evil. Kinda like, oh, I don’t know. A DEMON! The team tries to survive, and they all slowly fail. After she succeeds, or what demon-her succeeds in, killing the whole group, she tries to bring back her fiancé.

Alrighty, so I am a religious person. Raised that way, been that way, staying that way. A full cradle Catholic. This film gets too religious. And that freaked me the fuck out (I was also drunk so, we can’t go entirely off of my fear at the moment I watched it). At one point I paused it because it was just generally really getting to me, and finally when I turned it back on, the demon was taunting the characters by reciting the lords prayer (I think that was the one), and that was like: nah horror film. You can’t use my grounding techniques in your film as a scare tactic. NAH! And I noped right out. Turned off the film. Left.

Came back a month later ready to finish it. But it still got to me real well. Man, this film. It was really weird because it was like a big budget, I saw the commercials in theaters….but normally those films never get me. Like big budget horror films, not big for me. But this one, damn. Too much. I recommend it as it was a good movie. But it fucked me up, and I doubt I’ll be watching this again soon….or ever….

But great cast. Olivia Wilde, the most amazing woman to walk the place of this planet currently. Donald Glover, my beautiful talented baby. Evan Peters, handsome homicidal manic……wait. Sorry, no, that was his characters…all of them. Anyway, handsome and amazingly talented actor. That guy from Creep, I should seriously learn that guys name. And that one young actress I’m pretty positive I’ve seen a few times…but don’t remember. But yeah, my little Catholic heart can only take so much! 

IMBD: 5.2/10    Me:3/10    Wikipedia


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