The Houses October Built(2014)

Yeah, I punched him. His mom had to turn on the lights, and rush us out because he was crying. Haven’t been in a haunted house since. My brother goes to House of Torment every year though, and tells me about it. Does that count? Do I know enough to write about the houses October built? Probably not, no. But I did see the movie.

The Houses October Built

So, there is this super secretive horrifying haunted house experience. Like, you gotta search the country and find secret codes and shit. You could get genuinely physically injured. Of course you need to go for it! How would this end horribly? It’s just Halloween tricks.


Some friends decide to go looking for the scariest haunted house in the country. One is obsessed with finding “The Haunt,” the house experience where you get fucked up. They decide to film their adventure through all the haunted houses, and looking for the clues to find the haunt. At first they are all excited, but after the first haunted house they begin to be followed by characters from the first house. This continues cross country. One night while they sleep in the R.V. they are filmed in their sleep and it is uploaded on the website for “the haunt,” the boards they search to find the haunt and all the horrifying haunted houses. So, eventually they find out where the scariest one is, and decide to go. Getting a lot of creepers along the way. On Halloween they finally get to where they need to be when they’re attacked and all kidnapped. They are placed in different survivor situations, but they think it’s the scarefest, so they go along with it. But as things progress they keep trying to opt out. One woman is buried alive, and -cut to black-

Okay, so this movie had a good build up. Could have gone down in horror film history I think. If they had revealed in the final moments that yes, this was “the Haunt” And the next year someone else is searching for the haunt, and the people are some of the interviewed about their experience in the haunt. And they would say that they loved it, and it was amazing. But…no. This was just a fucking bullshit ending. Nothing was good. It just cut to black, letting you think that they were literally kidnapped and murdered, and it wasn’t the haunt. Or, maybe it was. But it’s not revealed to be that. Which, sucks. Because I was really really liking this, and seriously hoping it would end the found footage with someone else’s footage. That would have been amazing. All this scary/creepy buildup, to amount to the greatest fucking haunted house experiences. YES!

But they just needed 3 more minutes to make it a fantastic movie. Fantastic. But they went with the “less is more”, “leave ’em guessing”, blair witch bullshit. God, I am genuinely pissed about this. I could have adored this movie, but in two seconds it turned to absolute and utter shit. No recommendations. Please do not watch this. I do not need you to be as disappointed and angry as this film made me.       It wasn’t even good found footage. Fuck you movie. Fuck you.

IMBD: 5.1/10    Me:1/5   Wikipedia

I literally added the category “Hated” for this movie. HOW DARE YOU FILM!


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