Starry Eyes(2014)

Starry Eyes

Young actress pushes her boundaries to get a role. But how far is too far? Spoilers below.


A young actress hasn’t gotten any roles. She has a few opportunities stolen by “friends.” She finally tries for one, but she thinks she failed, so she breaks down in the bathroom and pulls out her hair. The company likes this and sees it as her dedication. They invite her back to try again, as long as she pulls out her hair. Another audition, the producer offers her the part on the chance she follows their….cult.  Literally, it’s a cult. This turns her into a murderous zombie like thing, and she ends up murdering her “friends.” Finally, transforms under the occult chanting. She eats her best friend/roommate, physically transforms to be beautiful and is finally A STAR! Also, she is buried by the cult at one point.

This was a physically icky movie, it wasn’t very interesting though. And wasn’t one I’ll ever watch again. They tried though, so I’ll give them that.

IMBD: 6/10    Me:1/5   Wikipedia


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