Odd Thomas(2013)

Odd Thomas

Are you guys ready to cry? Because I clearly was not when I saw this movie and it pulled the rug right out from under me, and then beat me with a metal beam while I was on the ground because holy fucking shit was I not ready for this fuckery. Spoilers below.


A young man named Odd Thomas (actual name) can see the dead. His girlfriend and he are destined to be together, as a fortune machine said so when they were little. Well, one day he sees a monster, one who follows death where it goes. Actually, he sees numerous ones, which is incredibly weird. So he follows the man they follow, and he tells the local police officers (the one who believes him), to help him investigate. Anyway, he creepily follows people around and investigates a lot. He learns that there was a cult that plans on shooting up/blowing up the local mall. The man from before was part of the cult, and two young cops on the force are part of it and have been sneaking information and covering up clues and warning signs. So Odd Thomas finds out and sabotages the shooting, saving tons of lives. During the shootout though he is injured, but when he leaves the hospital he goes and lives with his girlfriend and they are very happy and he’s the local hero. EXCEPT, she’s dead. She died during the shooting in the mall. She is still alive to him, and he can see her as she is still there, but she is really dead. So he says his goodbyes and lets her crossover.

So, I went into this film like: ha. this looks funny! And it had a happy ending, and then BOOM BITCH SHES DEAD and I cried. Like, bawled. Like paused the movie, that emotional whiplash is probably going to be the end of me. Ended up under the covers on my bed crying and hating everyone who allowed this shit to fuck me up. I was NOT expecting that ending. Although, maybe I should have been. Anyway, I died of sadness. Highly recommend this movie though. Nearly broke me. And that is always a good way to tell if a movie is good right? HELP! I’m thinking about it now….and very sad again. Would absolutely watch many more times, once I’m over the initial shock of heartbreak. So, maybe in ten years.

IMBD: 6.9/10    Me: 7/10    Wikipedia


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