Home invasion film, like all the rest, except she is deaf. And does better than half the people in any other home invasion movie. Spoilers below.


A deaf woman, author, lives alone. She tries to cook, fails miserably. Her neighbor/good friend is attacked. But as she can’t hear, she doesn’t notice and can’t help. The invader realizes she can’t hear him, and figures she’ll be an easy and fun target. But she has many other talents and survives the crazy night.

Typical home invasion shenanigans (think Strangers) honestly. I don’t understand how everyone raved about this film so much. The only real difference is how the audio is done, for obvious reasons. But this was pretty good.  I’d watch it again.     Yeah though, that audio was very well done. I’d recommend it for that alone.

IMBD: 6.7/10   Me: 6/10    Wikipedia


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