The Stranger(2014)

The Stranger

Eli Roth* film about totally not vampires.


A stranger enters a town. He has a vampire like blood disease. His blood is poisonous. He meets…his son? There are bad cops. He kills himself at the end. The boy, now infected, lives? Someone eats a dog. Nothing is happy.

I am still confused about this movie. Maybe I just went in prepared to hate it because it’s an Eli Roth film. Which, ….yeah that’s probably it. I don’t like Eli Roth very much, so…. I guess if you want to watch a confusing movie that is about poisonous blood that needs to be blessed and not interesting or well developed characters, sure. Go for it. Blame yourself if you come out of it less of a person than when you went in.    I can’t be super bitter, I was hyped for this film before it came out. Watched the trailer and I was excited with how little it gave away so I was really hyped to get answers from the film…but I never did.   Really, I just hate Eli Roth movies, and to be extremely honest: I’m pretty sure I hated this one the least.

*Eli Roth is one of the few directors I know. I’ve seen most of his work, and I can honestly say I am not a fan. But for some reason, I still need to see it all. I always know I won’t really like it, but like…I must. I blame Aftershock(2013), the first Roth involved movie I ever saw, and I’m still messed up about that ending. The Green Inferno was alright, and by alright I mean: just like with Aftershock it was a fantastic film and then in the last fifteen minutes the whole thing changed and I am very bitter about it. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the Green Inferno, you could watch all of it till she is rescued, and then just turn it off. You’ll probably walk away happy with what you have seen (unless you hate cannibals, and if that is the case, what the hell are you doing on this blog? I fucking love cannibal stories). Sorry, Eli Roth rant. This will come up frequently. Maybe I should just do a blog post about why I hate Eli Roth, save all the trouble.

IMBD:4.9/10    Me: 1/5   Wikipedia


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