The Estranged(2015)

The Estranged

She ran away from home. But now she has to go back, completely forgetting why she ran away in the first place. Spoilers below.


Woman gets in horrible scooter accident with her boyfriend, she survives but is crippled (temporarily) and has no real memory, including the memory of why she ran away from home in the first place.She and her boyfriend return to her childhood home, a huge mansion in a lovely wooded area, and to her family, who she has no memory of. Her mother, and father, and her two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her family is very strange about her, and about her boyfriend. Getting angry at him for how he treats her (lovingly), and even angry that he survived the same accident with no injuries whereas her life was “ruined.” After an argument between the couple her boyfriend goes missing, and her family tells her he probably couldn’t deal with her anymore. But it’s fine because she has her family. Her father is rude to her, her sister is cruel to her and her brother hits on her. Her mother however, is very kind and tries to help her. She slowly, through therapy, gains more control of her mobility, being able to walk short distances. Eventually, things come to light as memories slowly come back to her. She witnessed the suicide of her mother as a small child, learning that the reason was her father raped the housekeeper, getting her pregnant. He, and his wife, then took the child and raised it as their own. She realizes she was the child and her “mother” was the housekeeper who was raped, and actually is her mother. The rest of the “family” however, is not her family. After her accident and the news she was moving back. The servants murdered her real father, and using her lapsed memory decided to pose as her family. As she is angered by this information the “family” takes her hostage and decides she “must join” the family. The “father” then rapes her so she would be forced to be apart of their warped fantasy. The “siblings” comply and hold her down for the torture, while her mother stands helplessly aside. (It’s pretty gruesome and devastating to watch). She becomes pregnant from the abuse, and her “sister” (who I should mention is actually her half-sister), begins to torture her as she was never shown “affection” by her family members, presumably in reference to their status as servants and not being raised as the child of the house by the rich family, despite being half-sibling to the child of the house. Eventually the butler, (oh hey, theres been a butler btw) who had served her father before the servants took over, and then was forced into still serving as he knew too much. He reveals (evidently she didn’t know before), that her mother was actually the housekeeper who really was her mother, and thus she the bastard(not really) child. (I’m not going to rewatch this movie to make sure I get this all right, sorry). Anyway, so he releases her, and she murders her brother*, sister, and then her rapist. And she and the butler begin to escape. She spares her mothers life, and the butler says he she could go with him, implying he is going to contact authorities, but she refuses and instead sits on the steps of her childhood home holding the shotgun and staring into the distance as she is finally free from this nightmare.

This movie had a very slow buildup but an extremely satisfying ending I think. The story was interesting, but perhaps not done as well as it could have been. The depictions of sexual assault and abuse were very difficult to watch and quite disturbing. The movie seems to change genres about two-thirds in, and becomes a different type of horror film, but all for the better. The ending was quite redeeming and I recommend it because of the ending entirely. It’s been a while since I saw it, but I think during one of the assault scenes I didn’t necessarily skip it, but I conveniently walked away from the playing movie to go make tea until I was sure it was over. It was great to see her revenge and murder of her captors. Speaking of which, the brother, he had possibly the greatest last sentence I’ve ever heard in any film. I won’t spoil that, because if you are going to see this movie, it was by far the most satisfying scene and you should experience that for yourself. But I will say I rewound the scene about four times because it was so enjoyable. I highly recommend this film, which is slightly amazing because it’s not typically my type of film, but man did it grow on me. (Man, I really talked in circles in this review didn’t I?)   Oh, and yes. The boyfriend was murdered.

IMBD: 5.4/10  Me: 5/10(This was on second watch, the first time I gave it 3/10, but revised as I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed this film)


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