Reason No. 89 to not mess up stealing an ATM. Spoilers below.


Woman gets caught stealing. She is sentenced to eight months on house arrest at her mothers house. Internet doesn’t work. The television is shit. Nothing is fun. Her mother thinks the house is haunted, she thinks her mother is crazy. Until she starts to notice things too. Her counselor who visits time to time, tries to convince her it’s all in her head. But upon further investigation and some serious snooping on the neighbors property, she slowly realizes that the house used to be a home for wayward women, and her counselor used to work there. He murdered numerous of the women, and got away with it. She and her mother now know too much and must be eliminated. Only to be saved by the “ghost” who is actually an agoraphobe who lives in their walls and has for years. He was the son who went missing of the neighbor. It was all very confusing. Anyway, the bad guy counselor is murdered. And in the end they just live in peace with the man in their walls. Happy endings all around. (Except for the people who were murdered)

Weird and slow paced at first. But it is a hilarious film, slightly “gory”(I wrote that in my notes but I don’t really remember where the gore was). I got very into the story about half-way through and was very satisfied with the ending. I would recommend this film a lot, in fact, I already have, to like….my three friends. (None of them watched it) I really hope there is no american remake though, like ever. The dry humour is necessary for this story to work brilliantly.

IMBD: 6.8/10   Me:7.5/10 (I really just at the “.5” to see more like IMBD)    Wikipedia


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