A Good Marriage(2014)

A Good Marriage

A Stephen King adaption. About a happy couple whose been together 25 years. That is a long time of knowing someone. Surely, you know everything about them, right? Spoilers below.


A loving couple, great kids, perfect life, been together 25 years. They run a coin collection business. For their anniversary she buys him one they’ve been looking for. After their perfect anniversary where the whole family can see how in love they are, he goes on a business trip. While he’s away she goes to the garage to find batteries, she needs the remote to change the channels. While there she finds a pornographic sadomasochist magazine (is there non-pornographic sadomasochism?). Disturbed by this she investigates further and finds identification cards of a recently missing young woman. She  panics a bit, and then decides to see if her husband was near this murder. And finds that he was close to this one on business as he was on the last ones as well. All of the murders had been linked to the ‘Beadie’ killer. She quickly realizes that was her husband. And when he confronts her she says she will forget it all if he never kills again, and hides all the evidence. (oh and theres this whole background of him and his friend BD in high school who wanted to shoot up the school and planned the whole thing, but his friend died before they could do it. But the homicidal longings never resided permanently) He believes he has won her over, whereas she lives in fear. She decides she will murder him, and after one drunken night she finally succeeds, and convinces everyone it was a drunken mishap on his part. Only to be approached by an investigator after the funeral who has believed he was the killer all along, and she finally admits he was and to what she did. He tells her she did the right thing, and she is at peace.

I really liked this movie, very interesting story and thoughtful. Makes you wonder how you would react upon finding this out about people you’ve known and spent your life with forever. For example, if I were to find out my friends were murderers, there would be a few where I would freak out from how unexpected. Others it would not really be a surprise. But if my friends were to find out I was…..literally not a single one would be surprised. (I really have a questionable life). Anyway, you really can’t judge the characters, they do the best they can. (Well, you can judge the murderous husband if you want, I do). Steven King does a fantastic job at realistic horror in this story. (I don’t know about you but I don’t see many clowns hanging out around rain drains…)

IMBD: 7.10    Me: 8/10   Wikipedia(Movie)     Wikipedia(Book)


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