We Are Still Here(2015)

We Are Still Here

A South By Southwest film from 2015, an american horror film. A couple loses their child, and moves to escape the depression and find happiness. Spoilers below.


A couple lost their son. So they move to a tiny town into what used to be an old funeral home (what could go wrong?). The family that owned said funeral home was accused of selling corpses, so they were run out of town. Anyway, so the wife continually feels her sons presence. And the husband tries to make her feel better, but acknowledges this is probably her coping method. They invite their hippy couple friends over, Mr. and Mrs. Shining (this is probably not their name, but he looked like Jack Nicolson character in the Shining), who are very spiritualist and say they could help contact their deceased son. Mr. and Mrs. Shining bring along their son and his girlfriend, who drive separately, and arrive at the house while the adults(they’re all adults, but like…the more adulty adults) are at a restaurant. The son is murdered while investigating sounds in the house. The girlfriend runs away trying to escape and is murdered not far down the road. One of the creepy neighbors shows up and goes on a rampage, screaming that the house needs to be fed every thirty years or it will destroy the town. The husbands return home and host a seance in the house. One of the men becomes possessed by the previous funeral home owner, who tells them they were never run out of town, but the townspeople sacrificed them to the evil in the house. So, the townspeople show up and try to murder them, but the ghosts of the previous family murder most of the townspeople. They leave only the couple alive, and one of the creepy townspeople.  The creepy towns-guy attacks them, and the ghosts kill him too. The ghosts leave finally happy with their revenge. The wife still believes her son is there, and they look over the balcony and see their son.

It was an okay film. Not very interesting. Not very memorable. It wasn’t badly done, just a semi-boring story. Pretty sure I’ve seen this plot numerous times in Supernatural.

IMBD: 5.7/10   Me: 3/10    Wikipedia


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