The Ward(2011)

The Ward

Premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2010, but came to the rest of existence in 2011. Spoilers Below.


A woman, named Kristen, burns a house/barn down, and is sent to the psych ward. The other women in the ward are very strange to her. She repeatedly tries to escape but her plans are always thwarted. She is repeatedly attacked by a disfigured being, but none of the other girls recognize or acknowledge it. One of the women undergoes electroshock therapy to release suppressed memories but is attacked and killed. The other women try to discover what killed her, and in her sketchbook she writes the name of a previous patient “Alice Hudson.” Another escape attempt and one of the girls is caught. Slowly, the women are murdered one by one, Kristen discovers the other girls had killed Alice as she was mean to them. Kristen then finds Alice Hudson’s file which contains the names of all the previous girls killed, and her own. As she is discovering this, the psychiatrist walks into the office and reveals to her that she, along with the other girls are all Alice, just her separate personalities. Alice had suffered extreme abuse as a child, and developed multiple personality disorder to cope. He thought he had helped cure her, until Kristen¬†personality appeared, much of the abuse Alice had endured took place in the barn that the woman burned down in the first scene. Alice is appeared to have survived the Kristen attack, and only Alice is left alive. Her parents come to retrieve her as they believe her to be “healed,” and as she gathers her belongings she is attacked by Kristen.

Not a memorable film. Very predictable. Great cast. Bad roles. Another sleepy movie.

I seriously can’t say anything about this. It was….not good. Nor enjoyable.

IMBD:5.6/10   Me: 2/10   Wikipedia


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