The Unborn(2009)

The Unborn

Supernatural horror film about a young woman trying to figure out what the fuck is happening. Oh, and Gary Oldman(do you think people made “Youngman”jokes when he was a lot younger? Or did they make jokes about how he’d grow old?). Spoilers below.


Woman breaks all the “how to survive a horror movie” rules and is kind of dumber than dirt (this can be forgiven if her universe doesn’t have horror films, like how Rick Grimes world doesn’t have Romero). Some weird shit starts happening to her after she babysits a creepy kid who tells her “Jumby wants to be born now.” And after a head injury her eyes start to change color, her doctor tells her it could be from being a twin. Her father tells her she was a twin, but her twin brother died in the womb. Her parents had nicknamed him “Jumby” (I’m assuming because they hated him). She starts to believe her twin brother is haunting her, as he wants to be born. She meets an Auschwitz survivor, who she later realizes is her grandmother, who tells her that she and her twin were experimented on by nazi scientists who were experimenting with eye colour changes. Her twin died during one of the procedures, but came back as something evil. So, to stop the spirit she killed her twin. The young woman gets the help of a rabbi who preforms an excorcism to remove the spirit, and kill it once and for all. Unfortunately, this is a horror film, and their plan doesnt work, the spirit possesses her boyfriend who then falls to his death. And with his death, the spirit leaves. She mourns the loss of her boyfriend quietly while wondering why the spirit became active now. In a totally not a twist ending, and absolutely completely expected it is revealed and she is pregnant. WITH TWINS! Double the joy.

This film was very predictable. In the first 15 minutes I counted about 40+ horror film cliches. But the end got weirdly religious, and that kinda spooked me. The priest was played by my future husband, Idris Elba, which was a nice little surprise. The whole film wasn’t memorable really. I don’t really recommend this film, but for some it could be frightening and enjoyable. But it did great for me as some background. I’ve put it on numerous times as I did laundry or played a video game.

So someday I have to rewatch this movie and make that list of “how to survive a horror movie.”

IMBD:4.8/10    Me:2/10   Wikipedia



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