Inner Demons(2014)

Inner Demons

Straight A student to Heroin Addict. Bullying probably. Spoilers below.


A reality show that follows a young woman who is a heroin addict. Her family tries to get her clean, but as she goes through rehab her demonic possession becomes imminent. She has been using the drugs to suppress the demon inside her. (Hehe, literal inner demons) As she gets clean her demon becomes incredibly more powerful. A production assistant is kind to the young woman and tries to help her control her problems, not necessarily believing in the demon. The rehab believes she needs to be transferred to a psychiatric ward. The woman believes she needs an exorcist. Everyone else thinks she just needs to get clean. The production assistant sneaks drugs into rehab, and injects her while she is unconscious to help calm her. This gets her kicked out of rehab for not cooperating. The family then turns away the reality show producers, who instead go for her friends to find out how she became an addict. Apparently at her new school she was being bullied, and in one of the pranks was a satantic ritual in which she was possessed. Eventually the reality show creators and the production assistant break into the girls house against her families wishes. They try to help her, and production assistant tries to exorcise her himself, but she is now fully possessed. And the demon picks off the people in the house one by one. The man finally gets to speak to the woman again before she finishes murdering everyone. Only for her father to shoot her, successfully killing the woman believing her to still be possessed. He then turns the gun on himself and the production assistant is left there surrounded by bodies. The camera then focuses on him, and it suggests that the demon attached to him, and wasn’t killed.

Found footage film? It was all done as a reality show with odd commentary and a few interviews scattered throughout. It was yet another, not very fun, quite boring movie. The reality show aspect of it was the only interesting part. It does do that demon, webcam, mirror thing though. Where the possessed person walks away but the camera catches the demon looking into the mirror….does that make sense? I don’t know. It’s in the trailer. Watch that.

IMBD: 5.2/10   Me: 3/10    Wikipedia


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