A newlywed couple visits the family cabin for a week, a calm, quiet, sweet, romantic getaway. Just themselves. Spoilers below.


Newlywed couple honeymoons at her family cabin. They meet her old childhood friend and his very sick wife. The new wife beings showing symptoms of illness after he finds her “sleepwalking” in the woods one night. She beings to forget everything and doesn’t want to sleep with her husband. He tries to understand and care for her, but her health (mental and physical) deteriorates too quickly. (She forgot how to make french toast, and just burns stuff). He thinks it might have something to do with the childhood friend, or maybe she got the sickness from his wife. He goes searching for answers but only finds blood and the childhood friends cap, which leads him to believe something horrible happened to him. The sick wife has gone missing. After a fight he finds his new wife in the bathroom repeatedly stabbing herself in the genitals(it’s not pretty), and he tries to make her stop. Eventually it leads to him having to pull what seems to be a fetus like worm tree branch from inside her (it’s disgusting). As much as they try they never seem to succeed. She says that on the night he found her sleepwalking it seems she had been approached and impregnanted by alien type figures. Her final human logic left is to make sure the aliens do not get her husband. And she tries to hide him, with a brick tied to him, in the lake. He tries to fight back but her humanity had all but left and this was her final fight. He is left to die in the lake, and she along with the other missing wife walk up to the alien lights, both decomposing rapidly. (They seriously look like some gross ass b-movie zombies).

This was not a very interesting movie. I spent most of the time waiting for something to happen. The actors were very good, the writing wasn’t horrible, it was just a really dull story.

Also, I never really wanted to see Jon Snow’s girlfriend have a tree fetus torn out of her. That was not on my “to-see” list, ever. I’m also not big into alien movies, so that might have been one reason I didn’t enjoy it. But the mental deterioration was well done, so I enjoyed watching that acting.

IMBD: 5.6/10    Me:2/10    Wikipedia


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