Ava’s Possessions(2015)

Ava’s Possessions

Demonic possession movies typically go only one way, the person is possessed. But what happens after they are exorcised? A government program for the recently possessed, obviously. Spoilers below.


Ava was possessed. Ava was exorcised. Ava is back to normal. But Ava’s entire life is entirely upside down, that tends to happen after you are possessed for 28 days. She tries to put her life back together and figure out what she did that caused her to lose her job, her friends, her boyfriend, and the trust of her family. During her time as the demon Naphula, she did so much damage she could go to prison, but is offered a deal. If she completes a government-funded/church-run program for the recently possessed, all charges against her will be dropped. So, she has to go through demonic possession help training program. The program is to teach them how to stop the possession if they are taken again, with the use of a necklace that brings back the demon and thy have to try to remove it. It’s a Demon Rehab. During her adventures of demon happenings discovery, she learns that her sisters fiancé fell in love with, and slept with the demon. The fiancé also slept with a prostitute, and he hired a hitman to kill her. She then murdered the hitman, which her family helped dispose of and hide up. She learns this after meeting the hitman’s son, Ben, who she begins dating. Her friend from Rehab decides she wants to reconnect with her demon as they had a close connection, so Ava preforms dark magic to reuinite them. This magic results in a marking on her skin, that gets her kicked out of Demon Rehab. Ava’s family freaks out that she was kicked out of the program and decide to have her committed. The sisters fiancé decides he will drive her to the asylum, but takes her to the church where the demon rehab went on. He forces her into the necklace to bring back the demon he fell for. Ava uses the demons strength to capture the fiancé, and then removes the necklace, showing she has conquered her demons. Ava has now got her life together, and works at the church helping with the program. But as she is working alone one night she sees her mothers file, as her mother had been previously possessed, and realizes that her mother set the possession on Ava, to avoid being repossessed.

I loved it. Clever and hilarious film. Ava’s lawyer was a fantastically funny character. The cast was fantastic. The dialogue was funny. The film had great visuals. The demons were pretty funny. I loved this film. Highly recommend to anyone who likes Comedy-Horror.

IMBD: 5.6/10   Me: 8/10   Wikipedia


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