They Look Like People(2015)

They Look Like People

The film came out in 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival. It premiered in 2016 everywhere else. Spoilers below. Seriously, every single review will be nothing but spoilers.


Man believes humanity is being taken over by demons. He begins preparing for a war by stockpiling weapons and his fear is egg’d on by his nightly phone calls. He almost kills one of his oldest friends who was suicidal but has since turned his life around, the man doesn’t murder him at the very last minute and sees that all of this has been in his head.

I was unsurprised by the ending. The personal relationships everyone experiences are awkward and unconvincing. It is filmed well though, and the voices he hears are successfully very creepy. But the demons he sees? Boring!

I really wanted it to be a twist ending of an actual invasion of demons, and the man was the only one who saw it coming.

IMBD: 6.1/10      Me: 4/10     Wikipedia



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