These Final Hours(2013)

These Final Hours

Austrialian apocalyptic thriller. Not actually a horror film, but unsettling. Spoilers Below.


The world is ending. Only a few (final) hours left. A man named James (I don’t often add character names, this is rare) leaves his pregnant side-chick to go to an end of the world party that his girlfriends brother is throwing. But he ends up saving a little girl from some creepy men, and tries to help her. He wants to drop her off with his sister and her children but finds that she took her and her kids lives. They end up at the party where people are dancing, drinking, drugging themselves up, shooting each other (in a playful roulette way), and of course, having one giant orgy all over the place. The girlfriends brother reveals he’s built a “bunker” so the few he chose could survive the end of the world (bunker is in quotations because it’s like a story underground with like four bunkbeds, it’s not even good enough to be considered a panic room). After some woman who has pretty clearly lost her own child drugs the little girl in an attempt for her to “stay,” James takes her and goes out to get her back to her father. They go to her grandmothers house (I think), and find that the whole family, including her father, have committed suicide. He tries to have her come along on the rest of his adventure so she wouldn’t be alone, but she decides to stay with her fathers body so they can be together when the world ends. James returns to his pregnant side-chick and confesses his love for her. They reconcile, declare their love for each other, and embrace as they watch the storm approach them and everything burns around them.

This was a very good film, which I didn’t actually expect. I don’t think I have any real complaints. One of the best parts of this film though, is actually the ending. The screen fades to black, and instead of starting music like nearly all credits do it just remains silent, and flashes credits on screen. Just absolutely silent, which is vastly different from the loud sounds previously of the storm coming over and destroying everything. And the unnerving silence really makes you feel as though, it ended. Everything just ended. It was haunting, and honestly the reason I have such a high recommendation and admiration for this film. It really becomes quite personal and offers a very interesting approach to the subject of the earths inevitable end.

If I made an end of the world movie I’d probably add the song “It’s the End Of the World as We Know It” as my credits song, and just ruin the whole thing.

IMBD: 6.6/10    Me: 7/10    Wikipedia




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