All Cheerleaders Die(2013)

All Cheerleaders Die

A remake of a 2001 film, with the same name. Spoilers Below.


A popular cheerleader dies in a freak accident. Her old “weird” friend decides to become a cheerleader to replace her, and to get revenge on her friends. Accidentally dies. All of them, in a car accident caused by the quarter back (he’s a total dick). But her friend, a Wiccan, brings them back to life. Except, now two are in the wrong body. They’re all connected through gems on their skin, which I believe(been a while since I’ve seen it) are placed where their fatal injury was. They now have to drink blood to survive.

They end up killing and/or sleeping with a bunch of people at the school. And when one feels something, the others do. Very funny scene in which one gets laid, and the others all have awkward orgasms in the hallways.

Very funny movie, not well paced though. Feels like the story was rewritten halfway through for more laughs. It had a weird lesbian plot between the new cheerleader and her Wiccan bff, but that was never fully addressed. The movie wasn’t as culty as I wanted it to be. And the ending said “part one” which means they probably planned on more, didn’t give more, and probably won’t get more. Which is unfortunate because I would be first in line for a “All Cheerleaders Die 2”

IMBD: 5.1/10   Me: 5/10   Wikipedia


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